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Happy Student=Successful Student

It's no secret that being a high school student has gotten increasingly more difficult over the years. Whether it is dealing with the bombardment of unrealistic expectations set by social media or the pressure of being that “perfect” student that gets admitted to Harvard…….life can get overwhelming. There is no perfect formula on how to spend your 4 years in high school, but there are a few things you can and should do to be a happy and successful student.

1. Find hobbies and activities you enjoy:

You may have had people ask you “what are you passionate about?” and you may have thought to yourself “I have no idea!” While it's great to be passionate about something, it's not a realistic expectation for all high school students. We encourage you to find activities or hobbies that you have fun doing and stick with it. Perhaps you dabble in a few different activities freshman year to help identify your “favorite” activity. Once you find a few activities that you truly enjoy, commit to them. Do not commit your time to something you don’t enjoy just because it might look good on a college application. What matters the most when it comes to hobbies and activities is that your genuine interest guides you to be proactive and involved.

2. Challenge yourself:

You will be proud of yourself, we promise! What makes for a better learning experience than doing something out of your comfort zone? By challenging yourself to apply for an after school job or signing up for a marathon, you will learn more than you could have ever imagined. Challenging yourself also improves confidence- once you realize you CAN do something you will feel incredible!

3. Take a step back from social media:

Does social media have its “pros?” Of course it does, but more often than not the “cons” far outweigh the “pros”. By taking a step back from social media you will have more time to dedicate your energy to things that matter: school work, extracurricular activities, fostering meaningful relationships, exploring new interests, ect. Limiting your time on social media apps (that aren’t related to a passion project or academics) might not be easy at first, but you will without a doubt become a happier, more confident, and more productive person!

4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help:

Whether you are feeling consumed with feelings of stress or you don’t understand Logarithmic Functions, do not hesitate to ask for help! There is no shame in admitting when you are struggling, in fact you will become a stronger person or student because of it. And this goes both ways, don’t be afraid to reach out to friends to see if they may need help!

5. Be kind:

Fun fact: practicing kindness actually increases your serotonin levels (aka the happy chemical). Not only does the recipient of your kindness feel more cared for and more included, but you will also reap huge benefits. As someone who practices kindness to others you will feel less stressed, have increased feelings of gratitude, become a better learner and last, but not least, improved self-esteem. Be someone who spreads positivity and compassion to all!

At Eureka we pride ourselves on helping students reach their maximum potential and happinesses. We are here to encourage you, brainstorm with you, and challenge you!


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